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Shandong Ozer Electric Technology Co.,Ltd. is the development and manufacture of electrical equipment, a professional company to soft starters, frequency converters, saving energy controller, PLC and DCS complete control system for the main products.

The company has first-class talents, first-class technology, first-class equipment, with very strong new product research and development institutions, high degree of automation, stable quality, product technology has been in a leading position. In the paper, steel, chemical, printing and dyeing, and other fields have a wide range of application performance···

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In recent years, more and more rapid development of the plastics industry, including the injection molding industry is also an opportunity to usher in rapid development. But competition within the industry has become more intense, the manuf…

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The traditional grinder spindle frequency directly up and running, according to the traditional spindle wheel motor starting circuit operation. When there is a certain grid voltage fluctuations, leading to a certain wheel spindle speed fluc…



Central air conditioning is one of the indispensable modern large building facilities, according to statistics about 50% of energy consumption of buildings of the total consumption. Central air-conditioning system is designed according to t…


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